Climbing Hiils

Ministry is a very rewarding vocation and it is an honor to serve God's people.  As a woman in this predominately males dominated field,  there are several "hills to climb".  Heels in the Pulpit will equip you with the Word of God to help you face these areas with confidence.

Share your stories and inspire others who have faced similar challenges.  We can gleam from one another.

Empowering Women to Reach their God given Potential

Heels In The Pulpit is a nonprofit ministry organization of Jearlyn Ministries Inc. dedicated to providing spiritual, emotional, and educational support services for women who are in ministry or have a desire to be. Heels in the Pulpit host seminar events across the country.

We support women of all ages, in all stages of their ministry offering knowledge, encouragement and friendship.

Wearing Heels