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Exciting times at Jearlyn Ministries! We are branding a ministry that we have had for many years. "In Action", is a Community Resource & Resolution Program to help and aide those who are in need of information in our local area. We don't have to do "everything" but it sure is helpful to know which programs are available to assist those in need. As a ministry, many times our doors are knocked on by many looking for assistance i.e. food, money, medical care, clothes and so on and so forth. We have collected information not just from government agencies and private foundations but also from people like you! Individuals who have seen the need and have opened their homes to the homeless, who are willing to give $ for gas, take someone to the grocery store or doctor appointments (just to name a few). If you, someone you know or if you have any information about available resources in the Flagler County, Florida area, let us know.  "Our love should not just be in words and talk. It must be true love which shows us IN ACTION"

1 John 3:18  If you have time...join us for any of our community outreaches.  Call 1-855-JEARLYN  or email us at